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Issue 1

Table of Contents

The Real Sansevieria ehrenbergii? -- Alan Butler

Message from the President -- B. Juan Chahinian

Juvenile/Dwarf Sports of Sansevieria in Cultivation -- B. Juan Chahinian

Sansevierias in Reunion -- Jacques Duret

A New Sansevieria cultivar in Kenya -- Leonard E. Newton

Sansevieria sp. 'Kitonga' -- Mike Phillips

Correction to the Sansevieria Section of Index Kewensis (Version 2.0 CD-ROM) -- B. Juan Chahinian

Sansevierias for the Collector -- Alan Butler In Praise of Sansevieria

-- B. Juan Chahinian

The Wanderings of an Amateur Botanist on a Cross Border Raid -- Gilfrid Powys

Readers Letters

International Sansevieria Society - Reference Library -- Al Laius