Issue 2


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Issue 2 Table of Contents

Sansevierias for the Collector -- Alan Butler

Garden with Sansevierias -- Mike Phillips

Some notes on a Few Sansevierias of Zimbabwe -- D.J. Richards

How many Sansevieria Species are There? -- Leonard E. Newton

Naming a Plant -- B. Juan Chahinian

Growing Sansevierias Indoors -- Dale Speirs

Seedbank Report -- John Gamesby

Variegation and Sansevierias -- B. Juan Chahinian

Sansevieria Favourites - No. 1 -- Mike Phillips

The Sansevieria species of South Africa and Namibia -- Ernst van Jaarsveld

Sansevierias from Seed -- John Gamesby

Sansevieria sp. FKH 424 'Horwood' -- John Gamesby

Reader's Letters