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Issue 16 Table of Contents

From the Editor -- Alan Butler

Hawaiian Diary - Part 2 -- Angel M. Ramos

Who was Commemorated by The Name Sansevieria raffillii -- L.E. Newton

I Am the Luckiest Woman in North America! -- Joe Flaherty, Michael Brodt, and Michael LaForest

Visiting Brookside Nursery's Sansevieria Collection - Part 1 -- Norbert Gobl

Sansevieria stuckyi Potential as a Potted Plant -- Martin Aarseth-Hansen, Jette Dahl Moller, Jorgen Damgaard, and Arne Skytt Andersen

What I have Learned About Sansevieria in Two Short Years -- Michael Brodt

Some Sansevierias of Kenya -- Boris Vrskovy