Issue 36


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Issue 36 Table of Contents

Lessons Learned From Sansevieria -- Alan Myklebust

A Passion for Sansevierias -- Alan Butler

Meet Your New Chairman -- Robert H. Webb

B. Juan Chahinian, Plansman Extraordinaire -- Bruce McAlpin

What is the Largest Sansevieria? -- Leonard E. Newton

In Search of Sansevieria burmanica -- Aldo Torrebruno

Biogeography of the Genus Sansevieria: Should Plants Without a Known Type Locality be Considered Valid Species -- Robert H. Webb & Leohard E. Newton

Sansevieria canaliculata Thriving in Madagascar -- Al Laius

Remembering Bob Smoley -- Alan Butler

Spectacular Sansevierias -- Alan Myklebust & Robert H. Webb