The Sansevieria Journal - Volume 4 Issue 1 (1995)


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Sansevieriaforskaoliana, a new name for S. abyssinica -- lb Friis

Sansevieria eilensis, a new species from Somalia -- B. Juan Chahinian

Sansevieriafrancisii, a new species from Kenya -- B. Juan Chahinian

The Commelijns' Sansevierias -- Roberto Mangani

Zimbabwe for Sansevieria -- B. Juan Chahinian

Sansevieria collecting in limited space -- Carol Miller

An accession list and labeling programs for slides and prints of your plants -- B. Juan Chahinian

The real Sansevieria zeylanica -- B. Juan Chahinian

The Sansevieria Journal plant introduction program

Vincent Price and Sansevieria -- Norma Lewis