Aims Of The Society

The International Sansevieria Society (ISS) was formed in 2000 to bring together people interested in growing or studying the family Dracaenaceae and in particular the Sansevieria species and cultivars. The aim is to promote interest in these fascinating plants and increase the available knowledge of all aspects of their cultivation, ecology and correct naming.

The society also aims to provide an opportunity for the free exchange of information between members and to increase the number of species and cultivars in cultivation.

The idea of the society was developed by Mike Phillips, Ziad Al-Witri and Alan Butler with the support of B. Juan Chahinian who used to produce a journal in the USA in the 1990’s and has himself written many articles and two books about Sansevierias.

We have members in all continents and joining the society means you are joining an international group and can, through the journal, communicate with like-minded people worldwide.