International Sansevieria Society Privacy and Data Protection Policy

In response to abuses of personal data, a new General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in the European Union on May 25, 2018. Even small societies like the International Sansevieria Society (ISS) require consent to continue to contact its members to provide them with simple services, such as delivery of the journal Sansevieria, offers to sell plants or other merchandise, and details of events and conventions. We hereby confirm what data we hold on current members and what we do with these data. At this time, the ISS holds information provided by its members including:

Name (including title where appropriate).
Full address including post code and country.
E-mail address (where given).

We use these data to generate mailing labels for sending out each issue of Sansevieria; to send out occasional emails to members with notice of special offers or events; and to send out emails or letters to remind members that subscriptions are due.

Membership data are held electronically and securely by the Treasurer of the ISS and the Membership Secretary, and may only be used by board members for official purposes. No personal data are provided to any other groups other than HM Revenue and Customs (a legal requirement which we have never been asked for). Clearly, during the period of your membership, the Society needs to use your data to provide the services described above. When you cease to be a member you have the right to erasure (also known as the 'right to be forgotten') and you need to tell us if you want to exercise that right. ISS member information is held and updated primarily by the Membership Secretary. It is passed to the appropriate officials when new journals are ready for mailing.

The Treasurer manages our finances and has visibility of your subscription and back-order payments, but, stores no details from these payments other than that which is on Paypal statements and on our bank statements.

For as long as you are a member, the ISS will use your data to post your journal to you, and we will use your E-mail address, if you have provided it, to contact you when appropriate (when a bag of journals goes missing in transit comes to mind). If you leave the Society, you have the right for your data to be erased. You must contact the Membership Secretary and ask that this be done. Otherwise your details will be erased one year after your membership has lapsed.